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Why does a business need auditing?

Auditing has become more and more important for organisations of all sizes. So important that there is not just one reason to get an external auditor like Simarca Chartered Accountants but four:

  1. Government compliance. An external auditor can help identify areas where your books or accounting practices are no longer in compliance with new Internal Revenue Service regulations. An external audit can also pinpoint where your compliance efforts may be lacking. Since an external auditor has no reason to be anything but honest about the status of your financial compliance, you can rely on the independence of the investigation and on the recommendations being made.
  2. Credibility. Internally and externally, your financial statements will carry more weight if they’ve been vetted by an external auditor. For family businesses, closely held corporations and non-profits, these audits provide common ground for stakeholders to properly assess the financial health of the organization. For publicly traded companies, external audits offer an unbiased glimpse into the accounting practices of the organization.
  3. Fraud Prevention. While it may be unpleasant to even think that someone could be defrauding your company, it’s better to know for sure than continually wonder. It’s impossible to spot a fraudster just by looking, and they often turn out to be the person least likely to arouse suspicion. External auditors examine bookkeeping records without the filter of personal relationships clouding their judgment. For them, the financial statements will tell the unvarnished truth, and their impartial inspection could keep your business from taking a major loss.
  4. Process Improvement. Hopefully, your external audit will turn up nothing unusual. Even in this instance, however, an outside accountant might find areas where you could improve your internal controls or automate certain processes to be more streamlined. While these recommendations don’t have to be implemented immediately, knowing where waste and inefficiency are originating will allow you to put a plan in place to address the problems over time.

Why outsource your auditing to us?

Outsourcing is a great avenue for companies of all sizes to save time and money. The back office functions or bookkeeping and payroll operations are a non-core activity that takes time and resources to run every business.  They are a time consuming activity that doesn’t need to be.  Time spent on these activities add little or no value to your customer relationship or growth.  In fact, you will be able to get more work done and tackle bigger projects.  The reason for this is the outsourcing company works like an employee for these functions to ensure you have access to the important information needed to help make your business successful.

Outsourcing provides your business a professional or team of professionals who are experienced with many different types of companies that have more experience and knowledge than a bookkeeping employee that is able to provide advice on how to set up your system, organize your account more effectively and gives you in-site on how to save money and increase profitability.

Outsourcing adds value to your business by definitely streamlining the core business operations and allowing for what you do best, you do more efficiently.

What we offer

We have an exceptional team of auditors that can fulfil your company requirements. Our team of auditors has over 100 years combined experience and cater to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Statutory year end company audits

Statutory audit of trusts

Audit of trusts and other accounts as required by the Law Society, Estate Agents Board and other regulatory bodies

Acting as accounting officers to close corporations

Provision of limited assurance reports and other audit certification reporting

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